Tips for Planning Your Graduation Party

Select the Graduation Party Music

Think about the graduation party idea and ask yourself, what type of music suits that theme?

Choosing the music for the party does not have to be a difficult task. In this digital age, music is right at your fingertips since the advent of mp3 technology. Simply download the mp3s of the songs that you like and add them to your player.

Enlist the help of enough persons to help with the setting up of the graduation party supplies wholesale and decorations and the cleaning up afterward. This is often forgotten and the job left to a tired few! The bigger the party the larger the help crew! You will need help decorating, serving food, playing the music, distributing champagne, party favors and door prizes. Help is also needed for disposing of the garbage, dismantling the tables and chairs to be returned to the rental agency and taking down the decorations. If the plates and cutlery were rented they must be washed, stacked and counted for return. This mainly applies to parties that are not catered at hotels by the staff there. This is a plus to booking a hotel for the event.

Purchase your Graduation gifts

Graduation gifts are usually purchased by the parents of the graduate, relatives and friends of the graduate. If the graduation party is a private one held in honor of a particular graduate, then this is the best time to present all of the gifts. Each guest can bring a gift if they choose to and should not be compelled to do so on the invitation card. For more tips on proper graduation gift etiquette.

Plan Your Transportation

Make sure you know how you will get to the party and how you will get home afterward. For college parties, designate a driver ahead of time so that no one drinks and drives! Some may opt for renting a limousine for the evening. To reduce cost and to increase the fun, rent one with a group of friends and split the costs!